About Us

Meet the Donovan’s!

Brian & Keegan Donovan have farming to thank for a lot of things, but, most importantly, their marriage! While working on neighboring farms separately, Brian and Keegan quickly noticed each other, and would often look for excuses to interact. One fateful summer day, Keegan’s lawn mower broke down and Brian came to the rescue…  & the rest is history! They’ve been inseparable ever since, got married on the very same farm that they met,  and welcomed their first son last November. 

The Donovan’s believe living a simpler life is not a step backwards, but rather one forward. There is a demand for local farm products. The market is here, the animals are here, so why truck from elsewhere? The average consumer is often removed from how their food is produced.  The Donovan’s  invite consumers to come by the farm, educate them on the process, and get them back in touch with agriculture. That’s exactly why they do what they do. Brian & Keegan wake up everyday committed to providing the community with high quality, farm fresh products. Stop by the store to see what they’re all about.